YXA: Supporting the axe

At YXA we are passionate about axes. Sadly, the rise of the chainsaw has led to the closure of many traditional axe forges. Canada, for example, once had several axe forges – sadly none remain today. At one time, Sweden had over 20 axe manufacturers. Only three remain active today: Hultafors/Hults Bruk in Åby, S.A. Wetterlings in Storvik and Gränsfors Bruk in Gränsfors. Finland has Fiskars, whose product range includes axes. Norway and Denmark no longer have any major axe manufacturers.

In the same way that cycling continues to grow, despite the refinement of modern motorcycles, we believe that there remains a place for axes in today’s world. YXA (Swedish word for ‘axe’) is a place to find, view and discuss Scandinavian axes – the finest in the world. We work directly with local axe forges to supply these versatile tools to the UK market.

We are passionate about outdoor living. Learn new skills by following our blog. Whether it’s cooking outdoors or building with logs from your back garden, we cater for everyone from the committed outdoor enthusiast to the white collar worker with a new wood burner.
If, like us, you’ve discovered the simple act of chopping wood to be a perfect antidote to modern life, then you’re in the right place.


A little about us

Paul Welford – Doctor, physiotherapist and surgical researcher, Paul appreciates a sharp edge.  Paul has a small plot of land in the Swedish forest, between two of the world’s top axe forges – S.A. Wetterlings and Gränsfors Bruk. In his spare time he enjoys climbing, amateur tree surgery, building, fika and dry toilets.

Jimi Carey – Carpenter, builder, electrician, mechanic and all-round capable modern man. Jimi is the kind of guy that would actually be useful on a desert island. Jimi is passionate about sustainability, self-sufficiency, Land Rovers and snowboarding.

Nicholas Hall – IT worker, long-distance commuter, lover of finely cut suits and the COBB barbecue. Nick is the definition of the oblivious modern man who has just bought a wood burner and now wonders where wood comes from. It’s trees right?